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Subodh Dixit Committed To Improving Built and Natural Environment

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Subodh Dixit Committed To Improving Built and Natural Environment

VASTEYA a well-established firm founded for offering a variety of Civil Engineering, Architectural, Interior Designing, Landscaping and Allied Services. With its more than 22 years of experience, the firm has completed a wide range of small, medium & large-scale projects. The firm believes in principle values of honesty, fairness and trust in the business. We are committed to improving & enriching the built and natural environment while meeting the specific needs of individual clients.

Subodh Dixit Committed To Improving Built and Natural Environment
Subodh Dixit Committed To Improving Built and Natural Environment

The architect and its firms are committed to providing the clients with innovative design solutions for particular projects that result from a highly investigative design process, a studied analysis of traditional and unconventional construction methods, and an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and resources efficient construction methods.

Ar. Subodh Dixit completed his civil engineering in 1989 and then his education in architecture in the year 1995. He started his career working with Ar. A.D. Kale. From the year 1996, he started his own practice with very few jobs in hand. The first challenging job, which he did, was the monument for Late Mahdavrao Peshwa at Theur. Till date, he has done many interiors, architectural and landscape projects.

Projects Completed by Firm

Architectural / Civil Projects
Good Architecture is like a piece of beautifully composed music crystallized in space that elevates our spirits beyond the limitation of time. The firm has completed about more than 30 different types of projects of bungalows and commercial sites

Interior Projects (Residential & Commercial)

Residential Interiors:
All the dwellings designed are very different from one another. However, they have one thing in common; each one is designed as a specific response to the user, the site & the budget. The firm has completed more than 45 residential interior projects.

Commercial Interiors:
In commercial interiors, the design of a building / Interiors enhances the bottom line of the business. We design for each client the aesthetics & environment that is inviting to patrons, showcase their products & services, set them apart from their competitors, and give them a feeling of safety & satisfaction. The firm has completed more than 73 commercial projects.

Landscaping Projects:
Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor and public spaces to achieve environmental, socio-behavioural and/or aesthetics outcome. We are committed to giving clients sustainable design fused with function, creating unique and memorable outdoor experiences. The firm has completed more than 15 Landscape projects.

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