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Sussanne Khan Creates Majestic Installation at Phoenix Marketcity

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Sussanne Khan Creates a Majestic Installation at Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai

Truly a shopper’s paradise, Phoenix Market City, Mumbai has been touted as the leading destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in the city. The mall has steadily sustained its endeavour to patronise and curate pioneering initiatives within the arts, pushing the envelope and blurring the line between retail and aesthetics. The massive destination mall continues to dip its creative brush into a palette of changing seasons to produce mesmerising; large-scaled artistic décor within its massive walls, for the aesthete’s viewing pleasure. Using nature’s various elements and phases as an ongoing theme, the mall has periodically enlisted both renowned and emerging artists from across India and the world, inviting them to interpret the theme using their unique perspectives and expertise.

Sussanne Khan Creates a Majestic Installation at Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai
Sussanne Khan Creates a Majestic Installation at Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai

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This monsoon, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla enlisted the genius of luxe interior designer Sussanne Khan, whose interpretation of the theme of monsoon led to the conception and designing of a visually dazzling, exclusive diorama titled ‘Drops of Paradise’. The installation is a 30-foot-tall mixed-media sculpture featuring majestic crystal-encrusted dragonflies with boldly coloured, geometrically designed wings that produce a diaphanous, stained-glass effect. The exquisite, larger-than-life dragonflies are depicted hovering over elegant lotuses, with soft, fluffy monsoon clouds floating above. The installation in entirety is interpreted as the depiction of the transformational rebirth of the internal as well as external, of the individual soul and of the outer world, of our constant endeavour to better ourselves and attain an infused perfection within the constantly changing, growing universe.

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The magnificent installation was inaugurated by Sussanne Khan earlier this month, with much fanfare and a prominent audience. ‘Drops of Paradise’ is currently on display in one of the massive atria of the mall, where it can be viewed, in all its marvellous splendour, throughout the monsoon season. Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Gayatri Ruia, Phoenix Mills Ltd. Director said, “Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla is known for its distinctive associations in the field of design. The decor is thoughtfully curated, changing seasonally to enhance the visitor’s experience. We are delighted to celebrate the spirit of creativity with eminent designers like Susanne recreating the magic of monsoon at the mall.”

On the installation and association with the mall, Sussanne Khan says, “Collaborating with Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla to design this installation has been a great experience for me. The installation concept uses textures, accents, the palettes, shapes and compositions which will make it a spectacular visual treat to transform Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla into destination focus.” All in all, a visit to Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla isn’t just about shopping anymore; it’s about a culture-rich artistic experience. So get your fix of shopping with a side of art today!

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