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The Barkhana Project by Pentagram Architects

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The Barkhana Project by Pentagram Architects

The property is situated in the commercial building on the second floor with its two sides opening in the atrium of the building. It has a direct view of the busiest Pune -Mumbai highway through 80 ft long glass facade on the west of the property. The pros were the direct view of the highway with a height of the second floor almost coming to the level of the flyover outside and the grandness of the area being in a commercial building with minimum columns to disturb the space at any length. The cons to tackle were making a non-AC area with openings only in the interior atriums and fitting in all services like toilets, kitchen, bar area and ducting keeping in the mind-limited height of eleven and a half feet clear.

The Barkhana Project by Pentagram Architects
The Barkhana Project by Pentagram Architects

The Clients brief- Being a restaurateur for the past 15 years the clients knew exactly what they wanted to serve its customers. Hence, the brief was very much clear to make a rustic pub-going with the trend now and serving the young generation with a place to dance, enjoy and have fun with friends but also considering its hubs in the vicinity, the space needed to be decent for all-day bar and corporate parties.

Concept- Today’s society has become all about the other ‘time and place’ so the main aim was not only to make the decor industrial or rustic but give an experience to its visitors with materials and finishes. Space has been given a crude, raw and rustic look with realistic space to avoid the misleading artificial elements elsewhere. Gears, speakerphones, crane hooks, which may look misfit in a bar but here this, is how space rolls. Materials are used not only in the finish but also as an entire entity like the walls in metal cladding, which are 3mm MS sheets. Cement boards cladding as actual and C and I sections with fabrication riveting details.

Design process – the scratch on paper had started with the thing in mind to keep the circulation as simple as possible and utilise the space in its most effective manner, as the plan was a trapezoid in shape. Incorporating a non-AC smoking seating area in the pub was the toughest challenge as it included the artificial ventilation and exhaust part. Various metal materials were studied like ms jalis, sheets, aluminium jalis, and cast iron designer motifs. Old handmade pop design sheets, exposed bricks, stone sheets, crane hooks, metal strings etc. and all of them well-composed were going to make magic we knew.

The material palette and it is detailing – the impact of metal was necessary to design this bar but we had to keep in mind the rigidness of the material (metal) and work on its finishes. After various exercises, the variation is achieved by keeping the same material but changing its nature of the application and changing the material used to finish the metal. Like painting directly on metal, application of acid on metal, application of anti-rust chemicals on metal. All this gave various shades of metal, which were then used in combination as required. Bending of metal sheets as per customisations was necessary to avoid sharp edges. Like the entire doorframe bent in the sheet.

About materials and finishes-
Mid-century ceiling design combined with customised light fittings, leather sofas, antique glass is used to give depth to space and metal motif is which give the feel of the typical industrial era. Music console depicted with retro speakers and industrial patent prints give the space a feel of the theme. An artistic impression of a human face clubbed with metal pipes is imprinted on the brick facade for the more rustic look and it gives a typical impact of the industrial era on the human race.

Rustic handprint wall finish with random brush strokes, bottle-green leather sofa, riveted metal channel frames, metal-framed glass partition, metal gears as decor items all of them create a rugged metallic effect in the lounge area in ac section. The AC area also connects with the outdoor area through this glass facade and highlights the outdoor ceiling details of metal lights and crane pulley lights.

Details – Fabricated metal chandeliers made on-site in tor steel serve as lighting on the table and the central big chandelier made on bars in metal strings comprises of a combination of Ms twisted baskets and filament bulbs which has a background of dark sky colour hence the play of metal and variety of finishes continue on the ceiling too. The floor in this zone is of matrix finish stone in a cross pattern according to the site context.

Name of the project – ‘the barkhana’
Location of the project-Shop no.209, the address commercia, near Hinjewadi Bridge, Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra
Carpet area- 3667 sqft.
Project completion- 27th Dec 2018

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