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The Eclectic DLF Capital Green Apartment by Love Choudhary

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The Eclectic DLF Capital Green Apartment by Love Choudhary

Luxurious in design and spacious as an experience, the residence designed by AND Studio in Moti Nagar, New Delhi is a visual treat. The eclectic DLF Capital Green Apartment, with bright accents and a neutral backdrop, pulled together is a tidy creation of a cohesive, snug house.

The Eclectic DLF Capital Green Apartment by Love Choudhary
The Eclectic DLF Capital Green Apartment by Love Choudhary

The house was planned, keeping in mind the clues from the client brief, wanting a neat, sophisticated, clutter-free look. Considering the aspirations of every member of the family, instead of setting a single rigid trend, what actually stood out was a contemporary, versatile space complementing the taste of all, from kids to the elderly.

The apartment sat on the first floor of the tower development, very close to nature during the morning hours, becoming the light beacon by night. So airy and spacious was what it turned out to be. Though the challenge was the constricting area of 2000 sq. ft, the design team at AND Studio pushed the layout with a clear & creative approach, structuring the client’s dream house efficiently. Focusing upon the necessities, the resultant was a seamless creation of uncluttered space that the family could call their cosy home. Circulation & functionality were the key design principles.

Pastels were adopted for the backdrop, while translating the concept into a strategy, to amplify the space. The bright yet subtle look helped the royal blue furniture pop out, also making sure that the place doesn’t look congested. The purity of the design can be easily seen through the symmetry of spaces. The sleek interiors installed, add to the grandeur of the place. Thus, every element incorporated into this space contributes to the creation of a premium apartment.

As you enter the apartment, a lobby leads to the living and dining area, segregating the entrance from the other areas and maintaining privacy at the same time. The living and dining area has a neutral palette, accented with geometric patterns and royale colours such as gold, blue and lead. The living and dining areas are divided by a creative golden mesh partition, standing as a masterpiece of the space. The exquisite bar stools, marble top dining table and designer lighting fixtures add oomph to the place.

The soft and airy look of the bedrooms has been achieved through a wisely chosen neutral colour palette with interesting hues, withdrawing any dullness present. With mood lighting & marble tiling, a rich setting has been erected focusing on easy maintenance & functionality of the space. The bed back with its royale blue colour and gold detailing along with the colourful paintings adorning the wall infuses life to the area. Add to it, the kids’ room can be identified with an initial of ‘V’ on the wall along with the bright furniture making space playful yet sublime. Not ‘over-designed’, or intimidating, this home is a piece of luxury providing a relaxed, easy-going ambience for the family.

Design Team: Love Choudhary, Shikha Mishra, Akshaya Venkatesan
Location: S-13, DLF Capital Green, Moti Nagar
Area: 1997 Sq. ft.
Completion Date: May 2018.
Imitate Date: November 2018.
Budget: 1.15 Cr.
Photo Courtesy: Lokesh Dang and Suryan
Feature Courtesy: Himani Ahuja (One Digital)

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