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The Memory Project by Komal and Ninada

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The Memory Project by Komal and Ninada

In keeping with their fascination for the affective perception of spaces, Komal and Ninada have recently started the Memory Project. This project is their tribute to two things- their deep love for furniture, and their belief in the power of nostalgia as a driving force for design.

The Memory Project by Komal and Ninada
The Memory Project by Komal and Ninada

People have been using furniture as a receptacle for memories since the beginning of time. The furniture in people’s homes, through time, has always reflected the aspirations and beliefs of the zeitgeist. It also functions as a record-keeper of the materials, techniques, and processes of the time. The Memory Project came into being because Komal and Ninada observed the affection and attachment that people around them ascribed to their old belongings and furniture. They also observed that this attachment is often misconstrued as either possessiveness or a kind of pointless nostalgia. They believe, on the contrary, that this is an important aspect of human experience.

Komal and Ninada aim to channelise the nostalgia that people feel for their old belongings can be projected into furniture design, to transform old belongings that carry meaning for their clients into unique and purposeful pieces of furniture. However, they also understand that furniture, along with being a work of art, also bears an important pragmatic responsibility to serve its purpose. In this way, they incorporate deeply personal histories and experiences into seemingly prosaic things such as tables and chairs, with the intention of bringing emotional intimacy into private spaces while keeping them functional and elegant.

The challenge that comes with combining functionality and nostalgia appeals to Komal and Ninada’s professional instincts. However, the Memory Project is also underpinned by their shared values; they are both firm believers in sustainability and meaningful choice. By imbibing each piece of furniture with a story or a memory, they are trying to create a long-lasting connection between individuals and their possessions. If the furniture is designed in a way that it is innately useful, as well as evocative of a specific and detailed happy memory, it is a lot more likely to be retained, to be cared for, to be discussed and cherished.

By building an emotional association between clients and their furniture, Komal and Ninada are trying to inculcate a sense of purpose and permanence in how people perceive material objects. Memories are indispensable- if memories are made into furniture, this indispensability is made manifest. This is the essence of the Memory Project: if spaces become more meaningful, they become more sustainable. Through the Memory Project, Komal and Ninada aim to do something very simple: they want to help you surround yourself with your stories. They want to make your memories- make them into beautiful, lasting pieces of furniture and home décor.

The piece in the photograph is called Leaves of Autumns Past. It is Ninada’s memory of the quiet peace that she felt in the forest on a very special trip, in the form of a table. While designing it, she recreated her memory by using the leaves she had kept pressed in a book, and by letting the story drive her choices of materials, shape, colour, texture and dimension.

Product description
Name: Leaves of Autumns Past
Material: Sheesham wood and steel
Dimensions: 5’ ft X 1’6” X 20”

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