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The Principles of Minimalism For Bhatia Apartment

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The Principles of Minimalism For Bhatia Apartment Designed by Kyle Pereira

For this particular project Bhatia Apartment in Mumbai, the brief was simple, each room had to have a different character, a showpiece in its own right to match with the personalities of its inhabitants. The concept streamed from the principles of Minimalism, less is more.

The Principles of Minimalism For Bhatia Apartment
The Principles of Minimalism For Bhatia Apartment


Design starts from the entrance of this tastefully decorated apartment. The double entrance door, uses a sophisticated design for the outer security door along with a plush solid veneered door for the inside main door. Upon moving past these, the use of warm veneers for the wall panelling which continues into the ceiling in an L-shaped manner, this panelling, having a slight grooved design to break the monotony of a flat surface added a lot of depth to the space. The ceiling had just 3 low watt spot lights which kept the foyer dimly lit so as to create warm welcoming aura upon entering.



The access to the modern modular kitchen is attained through the foyer. Upon sliding the kitchen door open, it gets concealed into the wall panelling which is a great value add with regards to space created. The kitchen is modern in design with colour tones of grey mixing with the black granite counter top. Indirect cove lighting is provided to light the counter top and floor as well, thus empowering this space with 2 types of distinctive lighting, the indirect yellow lighting for an evening setting and a more conventional brighter day light lighting for everyday functioning. All the drawer tracks and channels are high end branded – Hafele (a market leader) and are all soft touch to give that exclusive premium feel.

Living Room:

The aura of the large living room is welcoming to say the least. The foyer leads to this grand space which is the heart of the apartment. The wall surfaces are treated with a rich panelling on one side along with an exquisite grey wallpaper on the other faces. The furniture design is elegant with tones of blue to balance the grey hues and the Italian marble dining table acts as the showpiece of the space. It blends well with the matching Italian marble side and centre tables. Consoles and crockery units placed smartly at strategic corners of the space for optimal space utilization. The bar unit is concealed when the shutters are closed so that it appears to be a crockery display unit, an intimate prayer altar is smartly camouflaged with loured shutters when not in use. The rich Italian marble flooring radiates through the entire apartment radiating a plush vibe and this complements the lighting for the space, spot lights place on the coved ceiling which also house an indirect lighting provision for different types of lighting moods, a large chandelier in the centre of the room acts like the focal point and cosy lamps on the side tables complete the rich look.

Daughter’s Bedroom:

This room is predominantly planned as a Kids room, a ceiling swing greets you as you enter the room for play time. The Sofa-Bed has a dual use, opens up space to play during the day and expands into a comfortable bed for nap time. Colours of Blue, White & Yellow run throughout this room, from the wardrobe to the toy cabinet and study table which act as the main theme of this area. The wardrobe shutters have further been designed with grooved square patters which appear that the shutters may be blocks of Lego. All fittings are Hafele and this has been maintained as a standard throughout the home. Outside this room, is the powder room, which is also accessible to the living room as a guest washroom, Earthy tones were utilized to keep this area neutral and clean in form and design.

Parent’s Bedroom:

In this part of the home, care was taken to highlight key aspects of its inhabitant’s preferences like bed heights, dressing area and wardrobe handles locks etc. keep in mind, them being senior citizens. Upon first entering, you would walk through a natural foyer which was left clean and neat, the other side being a beige PU paneled facade which runs in an L-Shaped form, which houses the toilet door as well. Thus, with this grooved and paneled form running continuously, one cannot tell if there is a door housed within this paneling and that was the illusion wanted. The toilet is an extension of marble on the floor and Corian which blends perfectly with the light laminate cabinets below the signature German washbasin and facet. A separate shower cubicle is housed at the end of the toilet. The mirror is backlit and hence adds another angle of depth in this area. The wardrobes are a stark contrast in a dark grey laminate with a bevelled edge which makes for an interesting blend with the beige PU finishing. The soft furnishings like the curtains and cushions add warmth and finesse to the space. Cove lights illuminate the ceiling along with the bedside lamps on the side tables which add some uniqueness to the space. The design of the headboard is plush and classy, the intent was to invite an aura of relaxation and peace to the bed.

Master Bedroom:

The Master suite has been tastefully designed and furnished in a monotone to keep it classy and slick. The colour white, used in the form of PU Paint acts as the overshadowing element along with a rich warm veneer embedded artistically to achieve the desired blend of these elements within the room, for the bed and wardrobe. The wardrobe has two massive sliding shutters finished in PU and divided in the centre with a veneer band. Indirect lighting plays a strong role in this room, the cove lights in the ceiling ensure that along with the spot lights, there exist different mood lighting as desired for the different times of the day. The Master study is tastefully designed keeping in mind the colour tones of this space, veneered legs on the four sides come together to set the base for the PU finished glossy table top with matching wall hung asymmetric shelves above the table for book storage. The same principles of the wall panelling, though here finished in a rich veneer and housing again, a hidden toilet door. The headboard evolved into a crisp European design and is finished in a soft D’décor fabric along with the matching curtains of a darker shade, thus maintaining the essence and tranquillity of the space. Attached, is a the master washroom, which is elegantly designed to have imported fixtures, an off white corian counter top and completed with a dark brown veneered shutters below. The mirror is back lit and reflects the aesthetic lighting of the room.

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