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The Secret Garden by Siddhina Sakla

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The Secret Garden by Siddhina Sakla

When a building causes us to pause and ponder—it allows us to see ordinary objects in a completely new way. The modern architecture of the building facade talks about visual richness and coherence with the surroundings. The vertical facade treatment with the wooden overlay on the structure creates an illusion of a taller building giving it its required length. This is an example of a balancing act, of the in and out.  A serene plot, tucked away from the hustle-bustle in a premium locality in Pune, was designed keeping in mind the client’s need for 3 bedroom luxury apartments, in a clean and simple layout, alluring the green environs of the surroundings within, with plush corner windows, low sill heights and an outdoor space on every floor. The layout is Vaastu compliant, keeping the ventilation and sun path in mind.

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The Secret Garden, Show Flat, Sopanbaug
As soon as you walk into this lush green surrounded space, you are welcomed by a dramatic and opulent show flat for the project, keeping it minimal and contemporary and using gold in various forms, mirrors across the apartment to create a soothing atmosphere throughout. Restrained design aesthetic and attention to detailing have made this a haven to relax and unwind. A metal screen creates a visual block between the living and dining area to enhance the feeling of an open plan keeping the privacy intact.

The living and dining area seamlessly merge through creating an illusion of a larger space. The gold and white panelling in the living space act as a backdrop to the very chic salmon pink L-shaped sofa, complemented by a gold and marble hexagon centre table. The mirror panelling in the dining area is the absolute highlight. A stunning chandelier creates an Uber luxurious ambience to space. The master bedroom was designed to create a cosy and luxury ambience with the use of pink marble cladding and pearl white wardrobes blending with the contemporary wooden floor and abundant natural light through the expansive corner windows allowing the beautiful bamboo trees to lush through inside.

The second master room has a very contemporary and chic vibe with a bevelled mirror panelling and blue upholstery to create a cool modern look. The Guest bedroom invites a beautiful coconut tree and hence that was enhanced with solid wood furniture and tactile materials and earthy textiles.
The Secret Garden, Lobby, Sopanbaug

We love a good entrance to our apartment, don’t we?
The lobby is the emblem of the building and its showplace. Its the first impressions guests get of one’s home. The lobby conveys the overall tone and level of luxury of the apartments of the building.  Here the lobby boasts a spectacular chandelier, satvario marble flooring and cladding, a welcoming green wall and a stunning mirror ceiling. This lobby is a real show stopper with its inclined marble-clad walls which give it an opulent and luxurious look. A mirrored console adorns this space with huge planters, giving it a feel of inside out.

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