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The Unexplored Synergy between Home

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The Unexplored Synergy between Home- Interiors’ Turnkey Companies & Builders by Smita Vijaykumar, Co-founder & CEO, reNNovate Interiors

How many times have you heard a new homeowner saying, “ I wish the builder has not made this wall”, or “ This finish is not a colour we like”, etc.
A builder today has so many time- money- government pressures. He has to complete apartments, maintain them till society is formed and work so very hard for customer delight! From an industry point of view, a building contractor rarely possesses the same finesse and eye towards minute detailing as an interior contractor. Usually, they are specialised agencies for each.  With the average apartment sizes shrinking by nearly 17% between 2014 and 2018, ideal space planning for each customer is also becoming very critical. While a builder’s outlook is to maximise the buildability of the plot, it is the interior designer who is maximising the space utilization inside each specific flat. The outlooks and the specialisations are very different.

The Unexplored Synergy between Home
Smita Vijaykumar, Co-founder & CEO and Yateesh Contractor, Co-founder & CFO. reNNovate

Home interiors comprise of 6 major components that add up to a customers’ total budget
1. Woodwork
2. Loose furniture
3. Electrical fittings and labour
4. Paint and wall coverings
5. Curtains, décor
6. Civil work

In new builder driven flats the expenses pie chart may look as below

Electrical work as per specific furniture layouts, paintwork, civil changes, kitchen and bathroom changes, door changes are often in the checklist of many new homeowners. So not only from the execution point of view but also from the design point of view, the flat structure and the interior design tend approached differently by the different specialised agencies. It is no wonder that discerning customers tend to be disgruntled.

Maybe, it is time to relook the broad-brush approach that builders use today to finish apartments.

Having said that, customer delight is also very subjective, based on individual customer choice for finishing materials, colours and styling. When a customer buys a flat and is nearing final possession, they inspect the flat with their interior designer, Vastu consultant, contractor teams and find many a time that there is electrical rework or wall changes, or changes in finishes. The problem is simple from a customer point of view, if the builder could provide lesser finishing work, faster flat hand over and provide a set of agencies specializing in finishing, it would be ideal. Customised flats, as per individual tastes, latest trends and available at the time of possession who work with the builder to create “ready to move in “homes.

Therein lies, the synergy. If the builder could work with the interior designer and the designer with the customer, the flat could be readied at O.C, as per the customer’s desires and in budgets and finishes that are trending at the time of finishing. For the design company, the builder and the customer, it is a win-win. The empanelment, like many government bodies, can be done beforehand and a list can be suggested to the customer. That way pricing can be as per market and not pre-decided, also the customer gets a list to choose from. The biggest advantage is that the developer does not have to take care of last mile niggles.

Thinking from a builder’s point of view, the liability of finishing is less, the quality of the understructure is vouched for and is visible to the customer. With warranty provisions from the interior’s agencies today, a lot of last-mile issues that are taken care of by the builder are handed over to the design agency and their annual A.M.C. For the builder, there is an obvious cost reduction, for the customer is the delight of choice and for the designer, it is attempting legitimate leads.

About reNNovate
reNNovate Interiors specializes in home design and execution with the 5yrs warranty in 45 days! With the support of Asian paints home décor, they have a phenomenal repertoire of completed works. Founded by a power couple, one is a qualified architect and the other is a strong-headed structural engineer, their goal is to provide HASSLE FREE interior services. reNNovate is the brainchild of Smita Vijaykumar, Co-founder & CEO and Yateesh Contractor, Co-founder & CFO. reNNovate is a Mumbai based hassle-free one-stop-shop for residential interior solutions. The brand believes in providing sustainable luxury to its clients. They offer 100% customization, 3D visualization, and end to end interior solutions with branded factory finished products making your house a home within 45 days. The brand was established as a private limited company in 2017 after being an enormously successful design proprietorship for almost 10 years.

With their experience and passion towards design, the duo is making their mark in the industry, showing an exponential growth year on year. Their average project ticket size is INR 25 lacs, with a plethora of prestigious clients under their belt, they operate from 3 offices Dadar, Vikhroli, and Goregaon. reNNovate is privileged to be associated with India’s leading company, Asian Paints Home Décor and completed multiple projects with them. Within a short span of two years, the brand’s clientele includes heads of banks, diamantaires, owners of large companies. The brand is a solution for many new age couples, many of whom are working, well-educated and travelled individuals who have bought their dream home and are looking out for a structured, organized, reliable and most importantly approachable and innovative design team.

reNNovate envisions to be the most innovative, transparent, customer focused and high-end interior design platform. The brand has structured a simple and easy process for the client to sit back and hand over their home décor responsibilities. The brand has everything in place from project management of customized modular kitchens, wardrobes to furniture and decor with a 5-year warranty along with all the professional help and advice! reNNovate is keen on working towards giving the unorganized space of the High- End interior industry an organized structure.

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