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Transforming Prabhu Deva’s Mysore Home

By admin / Published on Thursday, 28 Feb 2019 18:52 PM / 10 Comments / 935 views

Godrej Interio designed Prabhu Deva’s Mysore Home was a blank canvas initially where many creative ideas could take shape. Here the architect had the freedom to implement its creative ideas according the brief given by the client and its family. They wanted to have a simple, spacious house with natural light and pastel colours. The pastel colour scheme was chosen to give a feel of spaciousness and openness where the overall look and feel of the house was creating a home, which is comfortable, cosy and light.

Transforming Prabhu Deva’s Mysore Home
Transforming Prabhu Deva’s Mysore Home

Distinct colour palettes are used in each of the rooms where the design team went ahead with a lovely pastel pista green colour for the living room with an off-white grand Broadway Sofa, which is extremely comfortable to sit.  The colour for the parent’s room of the actor was painted in grey colour that counter balanced its white and yellow to make it look lighter, tall and sturdy where Grande bed set of Godrej Interio was used so that his parents can sit and get off the bed easily.

In case of Prabhudeva’s bedroom, it was decided to go with blue and use the classy flute bed set to create opulence in the room. For the other living room in the house, coffee shade card was used with the warm and inviting symphony sofa set. Lastly, for the guest rooms they experimented with a warm coffee colour, an off white and a darker green and red colour combination.

Different Perspectives

It was easy to convince about the furniture to the client, as it was the Godrej Interio brand, which is trusted and well known for its excellent offerings. The remaining décor was showcased with the use of visual mood boards and detailing, after which both PrabuDeva and his parents were fully convinced about their home makeover. The most challenging aspect was that it was a new house, civil work was going on simultaneously, and timelines were critical to be meet. These challenges were meet when the actor decided to go with the flow and complete the house with a little extra time and just by little attention to detail from us, things just fell into place.

Role Play of the Project

Being Prabhudeva’s house and keeping in mind his profession, the mandate was very clear to have enough empty spaces so that he could continue with his dance practices. In order to incorporate this aspect of his life, it was  ensured that the furniture which was used is modular and could be moved easily to create space as and when needed. Art does not only mean having paintings around the house. We have translated art onto soft furnishing and tapestry. Having embroidered and zardosi cushions is a translation of functional art.

The Outcome

The client was very anxious while the house was being re-done and till the very last minute they couldn’t visualize how it would look like. When the house was finally done they all loved it and were very pleased to see how it had turned out beyond their imagination. Considering the fact that Godrej Interio is a furniture brand, the transformation was only for the interior space without indulging into any kind of structural changes. Godrej Interio used some modular furniture like the Broadway sofa and the Kreation wardrobe from our range.

Other Elements

Pastels palette have been used, so that the traditional prints look subtle thereby making it look clean and neat.  In terms of accessories, Godrej Interio has used a combination of traditional with contemporary so that it has a flow of style. Sometimes a big statement wall fixture can make a contemporary space have an ethnic twist.


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