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Transparency, Computerised Functions & Services under DDA 4.0

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 05 Dec 2017 14:31 PM / No Comments / 310 views

Transparency, Computerised Functions & Services under DDA 4.0During a review meeting in his chamber last month, Hardeep Singh Puri – Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs (I/C) had directed DDA (Delhi Development Authority) to evolve itself as a citizen friendly organization with enhancement of its digital solutions and provide more people friendly services.  He had further directed DDA to usher in total transparency in its function and dealing with the Public and its Customers. In accordance with the above directives, the Vice-Chairman (VC) of DDA during his interaction with the Minister apprised about the efforts made by DDA in this direction. The VC informed that DDA is planning to undertake digitalization of its services, as a turnkey project through its Project: ‘DDA Digital Services:   Computerized Management System for Decision Support and On-line Public Services (including Grievances Redressal) System (CMS)’. Through this Computerization Project, DDA will bring about Transparency, Computerised Functions & Services under DDA 4.0. It will network 22 Departments and 60 Field Offices to undertake capacity building of its 5000 officials and to provide better citizen services. DDA will use Social Media Network, eMail, WhatsApp and SMS to improve its interaction with Customers, promote ‘digital payments’, establish State-of-the-Art-Record Rooms to maintain records and files, operationalize ‘Document Management Solution’ and ‘file tracking system using RFID tags’, and land protection system using GIS and Remote Sensing technology. The body has planned to establish approximately 22 Nagrik Suvidha Kendras, Mobile Nagrik Suvidha Kendras and 27 Internet Information Kiosks at SDM Offices for providing information services to the Public and its Outreach programme. To facilitate this, DDA has released its Request-For-Proposal (RFP) Notice on 30th November 2017 for inviting technical proposal from top IT firms. The project is “Citizen-Centric” and envisaged to:

Re-engineer work processes to change governance pattern for simplicity, speedy, transparency, productivity and efficiency;

Provide Dedicated Network Facility for Data, Audio-Video and Mail messaging with Online Interactive Communication and Data Processing System;

Educate citizens and businesses with access to information such as expected service fulfillment times for the Government services, business processes, applicable rules and legislations etc.;

Facilitate secure, instantaneous and online payment options for the statutory fees associated with services;

Reduce the administrative burden and to be a cost-effective service delivery channel;

Enable DDA to focus on their core functions and responsibilities by freeing them from the routine operations, and thereby enhance the overall productivity of the administrative machinery;

Bring the services of the DDA closer to the door steps of Its Stakeholders through “Anywhere Anytime Services”;

Deliver services to the Stakeholders in minimum turnaround time and minimal physical interaction with the DDA; and

Develop interface of the DDA with other Departments to facilitate seamless sharing of information for better administration and governance. 

Effective utilisation of HR through capacity Building and Competency Development;

Saving of Financial Resources from Litigation of cases in Courts

DDA will adopt transparent procedure for attracting “competitive bidding” from technically competitive Industries, and will establish an Oversight Committee to supervise the entire process of vendor selection. DDA will implement this project within 18 months from the award of work and have handholding for service stability with the selected Vendor, for about 5 years after project ‘Go-Live’. DDA envisages to establish ‘DDA 4.0’ through this ‘Digital Services’ project.

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