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Vernacular Architecture Inspired Holiday Home in Goa

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Vernacular Architecture Inspired Holiday Home in Goa

Goan Holiday Home by Nandita Ghatge and Rajesh Achrekar of Kagal Craft Kolhapur

Vernacular Architecture Inspired Holiday Home in Goa
Vernacular Architecture Inspired Holiday Home in Goa

This was a fun project for the designers as they really got into the spirit of a Goanese holiday home with ample inspiration from the spectacular views of the river Zuari. The colours are pastel aqua ‘s and lime greens with French blues and turquoise pinstripes with lots of white to balance these gorgeous colours.

The cobalt blue room for example with ship stencils was literally done and designed on-site. They had known that the client had grandchildren, hence the designing has done at the installation stage where a stencil cut out from cardboard. The packing cartons were stencilled on the cobalt blue wall which added some small mirrors to giving it a nautical feel where the handmade fishes, driftwood and ‘the brand ambassador of Goa Mario Miranda tiles’ were framed to add some fun. The furniture in Sheesham wood endured the durability in the humid weather. Everything from the watercolours and shell frames to lamps was made in-house. A true Boho Coastal vibe! Restoration work. Inspired by tradition.

The Goa beach house

The interior design of this breezy five-bedroom beach home was inspired by its surroundings. The apartment features coastal colours interior and layering of natural textures that help to bring the outdoors in. The colour palette is predominantly blues with splashes of greens for a nautical aesthetic. Expansive sliding doors help to illuminate the interiors with natural light, while large doors frame the views of the peaceful riverside setting. This home was designed with painting and decoration where this holiday home with custom furnishings and beach-inspired accessories where this coastal-chic home offers its inhabitants a dreamy coastal getaway chalk-full of warmth and character. The designers began with a white canvas, layering in a fantastic mix of bright and coastal hues and textures for visual interest and warmth.

The master bedroom has a four-poster Sheesham bed with white muslin curtains complete with a sofa set and writing desk are regal. The water Colorado paintings of the sea horse done by the designer. They have added some beautiful Mario Miranda prints along with some custom made shell on jute frames. All the rooms are light-filled, clean-lined and feature amazing light fixtures.

One of the highlights of the apartment is the design of the Coastal style living room with sofas and easy chairs upholstered in lime green, turquoise upholstery. The curtains are turquoise, and White .the view is of the airport with the river Zuari. Walls have coastal-inspired watercolours, mirrors and nautical style frames. However, this style is easily found in homes or cottages that are close to the beach.

One of the keys in the coastal style family room design is the colour game. The designers choose colours that give the impression that being at a coastal house. One of them is playing colours, which is very strong, giving the impression of being on the beach. To add to the impression the beach feels in the living room, we decorated the room by using various accessories with beach and sea themes.  They have displayed watercolours paintings of sea animals such as fish, crabs, squid or starfish and colouring them with shades of blue and white. We also displayed wall decorations such as mirrors, oars and frames, where there are corals or shells of hardened marine animals or miniature ships. The five bedrooms all have a fantastic view of the Zuari River with sea beyond. They all are in different colours with lots of individual elements to bring in the coast.

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