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Viega Introduces Concealed Cisterns

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Viega Introduces Concealed Cisterns

Viega’s flushing throttle will prevent splashing over rimless WC ceramics

Viega India, one of the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating, has introduced concealed cisterns equipped with a flushing throttle.  Functionality: Modern WC Ceramics come in a plethora of aesthetically pleasing designs; however, technological aspects need to be borne in mind as water can splash over rimless toilet bowls. To prevent this and the resulting aesthetic and hygienic problems from happening in the first place, Viega’s flushing throttles will be especially useful. Moreover, the flow rate can be reduced without the use of tools. There are five possible settings: With a simple rotary movement, the throttle cross-section is reduced until no water splashes over the edge during flushing. The amount of flushing water stays constant, so the flushing effect remains the same as well.

Viega Introduces Concealed Cisterns
Viega Introduces Concealed Cisterns

Design: The Viega concealed cisterns is of type 2H, 2C and 2S with 1130 mm construction height. The new flushing throttle is not only ideal for rimless WC ceramics, but also for special installations such as toddler and baby toilets in kindergartens. The throttle is also available as an individual article for retrofitting Viega concealed cisterns that have already been installed.

About the company
Viega was founded in Attendorn, Germany, in 1899. Worldwide, more than 4,000 people are employed by the Viega Group, which is among the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating. The range consists of approximately 17,000 articles in the product categories of piping systems as well as pre-wall and drainage technology. They are used nearly everywhere: in building services installations, in utilities or in industrial plant construction and shipbuilding. Since 2005 Viega has been successfully present in the Indian market. After several years with independent Sales Representatives, in 2015 the legal entity Viega India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to foster the Indian local footprint. This includes investments in a production site in Sanand to better serve local market needs. Sales and service teams are present in all the major cities in India.

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