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Viega’s Height-Adjustable Viega Eco Plus

By admin / Published on Tuesday, 10 Sep 2019 18:42 PM / Comments Off on Viega’s Height-Adjustable Viega Eco Plus / 31 views

Viega’s Height-Adjustable Viega Eco Plus element is now available for washstands making bathrooms more accessible.

Viega India is one of the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating. The company is expanding its product solutions for cross-generational construction and now their height-adjustable Eco Plus element will be available for washstands

Viega’s Height-Adjustable Viega Eco Plus
Viega’s Height-Adjustable Viega Eco Plus

Functionality: Accessible bathrooms require products which adjust flexibly to the changing needs of their users. At the touch of a button and without any electronics, the washstand can be smoothly adjusted within a range of 20 cm. Moreover, individual ceramics can be raised and lowered to the desired height –within a range of between 70 and 90 cm. When the desired position is reached, a further touch of the button is all that is needed to fix the chosen height.

Design: The height-adjustable Viega Eco Plus washstand element consists of a moveable internal frame and guide system, together with the new concealed connection box. This is prepared during manufacture for hot and cold drinking water connections and the odour trap. The delivery also includes corner valves, a chrome-plated drainage elbow and the connections needed for the washstand fitting. After assembly and the tiling of the adjoining areas, the entire element disappears behind an attractive cover made of high-quality toughened safety glass. A chrome-plated veneer conceals the box with the washstand connections. The flush button can be positioned anywhere on the pre-wall.

The washstand element is assembled in accordance with the principle of all Viega Eco Plus elements. In the same way, the familiar system dimension has been retained with a width of 490 mm and an installation height of 1,130 mm. The element can be combined with many different washbasin ceramics; however, they should not be wider than 70 cm or heavier than 21 kg.

About the company
Viega was founded in Attendorn, Germany, in 1899. Worldwide, more than 4,000 people are employed by the Viega Group, which is among the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating. The range consists of approximately 17,000 articles in the product categories of piping systems as well as pre-wall and drainage technology. They are used nearly everywhere: in building services installations, in utilities or in industrial plant construction and shipbuilding. Since 2005 Viega has been successfully present in the Indian market. After several years with independent Sales Representatives, in 2015 the legal entity Viega India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to foster the Indian local footprint. This includes investments in a production site in Sanand to better serve local market needs. Sales and service teams are present in all the major cities in India.

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