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Vikas Sabharwal Of ivpartners Creating Solutions For Global Design

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Vikas Sabharwal Of ivpartners Creating Solutions For Global Design

Vikas Sabharwal, the Director & Principal Partner of ivpartners, is leading with momentum the practice in creating solutions for global design. An alumnus of the prestigious Sushant School of Art & Architecture, he graduated school in 1997 heading out to learn amidst diverse experiences within the industry.  Joining the practice with his partner & wife he came rich with experience in design understanding, innovation and evolution complete with mastering the process & delivery of sizable complex projects.

Vikas Sabharwal Of 'ivpartners Creating Solutions For Global Design
Vikas Sabharwal, the Director & Principal Partner of ivpartners

His personal eye for detail keeps him curious with the finer nuances of visual mediums. With deep interests in the areas of music, visual & culinary arts he is a connoisseur and trusted exponent on creating experiential environments.

Working with clients that patronize the practice his quick on ground thinking, solution finding abilities & driving with impetus has bestowed the practice with numerous repeat jobs creating an environment of trust & guarantee. AD recently published an ivpartners project in discussion with him on the creative approach to the complex heritage site for a restaurant. Building it all ground up he is leading the firm into a recognizable & meritorious design practice of the country.

ivpartners is a collective of creative and talented architects + designers who have acquired professional experience working on varied & specialized projects. We are engaged in a broad selection of assignments, ranging from large-scale retail entertainment to luxury private houses. ivpartners was founded in 2006 by the principal partners and is now an established practice based out of the millennium city of Gurgaon. The firm’s successful assignments have been made possible by the excellent teamwork within their practice with architects, designers & administrators.

As design consultants, have to their credit some leading clients, they continue to work with reputed international architecture + design firms, specialized manufacturers + contractors locally and from across the globe on various aspects of the project.  The firm enjoys the challenges in design and by creating great working relationships it shares the enthusiasm with the clients and the complete team of consultants, contractors, designers, vendors & associates.

They are a practice which believes in excellence & innovation where preconceptions are questioned and creativity is not managed by the hierarchy. These values have generated a stimulating work environment in which they are able to design and build the most special projects for their clients.

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