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Vinita Wadhwani Living the Designing Passion

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Vinita Wadhwani Living the Designing Passion

According to Vinita’s Words as described- A girl who always dreamt about things & made sure she even lived them. Interior designer by profession & a fashion designer by passion. I started working in my family business at a very young age. When I was like 16 years old I started working into sales. I took good 2 years experience & then stepped into my interiors. I was a creative girl since childhood. I completed my diploma, post-diploma & landscaping in interiors for 3 years & hence started working. I did quite a lot of projects. It was altogether with a different experience. And the best part is, my family was always so supportive that I never stopped learning.

Vinita Wadhwani Living the Designing Passion
Vinita Wadhwani Living the Designing Passion

Then fashion came into my mind & I decided now that I have lived my profession so it’s time to live for your passion. I took admission for my fashion designing & lucky me that even in the fashion I was doing so well & I couldn’t have been more proud of myself. I participated in the fashion shows and for the 2 consecutive years, I & my group won the price for the collection we showcased. My family was so amazed that I was doing so well in both. And after this also I never stopped. New York was a dream for me since my childhood days when I use to see pictures on social media I thought I am definitely going to be here one day. I used to see New York Fashion shows happening & it motivated myself so much. I worked hard for it & hence New York happened to me this year in February 2019 where I was one of the participants showcasing my collection there.

I couldn’t be happier than this. Apart from all this, I am also a fitness enthusiast. It’s been like 3-4 years now that I have been working out & definitely I could see a good difference in me & my lifestyle. After all this there is no end, I am also a Founder of the Fashion Lifestyle Magazine name- Moda Meraki which is a digital magazine available on Amazon & Instamojo and soon will be available on other socialising sites. We have worked with quite a few celebrities from the industry. And also Why a digital magazine because we had to support the environment & save paper. I still have a long way to go.

Project Details-
Project 1- Company- ONE Ocean Shipping Express Pvt. Ltd
This project is a back-end office of a shipping express company in Pune. Its a 650 sq.ft office. This company has its own colour theme which is same in all their other branches. We have tried to make the maximum use of the place and show a bigger picture of it. Hence, we have just used 4-5 colours like white, magenta, blue, yellow, grey etc. Our projects are more like simple & classy finish.

Project 2- Sample Flat at Punawale
This project is at Punawale of a very well known builder in Pune. Their requirement was to make simple & minimalistic interiors. According to vastu they wanted to use a blue colour which we have used and tried to create a pattern on the wall in their living room.

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