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Weaving Randeep Hooda’s Personality into His Abode

By admin / Published on Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019 19:00 PM / 14 Comments / 805 views

Weaving Randeep Hooda’s Personality into His Abode

This home was a dream home for the actor whose parents were the main leads for transforming this abode. They were inspired by Godrej Interio’s Upload, Transform campaign, and loved the work they did for the celebrity homes in the past. It was the actually Randeep’s parents and sister who collaborated with the team Godrej weaving his personality which is just his reflection.

Weaving Randeep Hooda’s Personality into His Abode
Actor Randeep Hooda

The Thought Process and Implementation

Basic thought was creating a space, which is contemporary and beautiful where he is able to spend maximum time with his family in Faridabad. Being attached to his family he likes visiting them the most but difficult to spend time that is needed. Therefore, the purpose was to transform the home in such a manner making him go that extra mile to Faridabad and be with them more often. The brief share with the team Godrej Interior was the specifics of each room. They wanted the living room to be colourful, energetic and floral with a floor lamp as a pre-requisite, and a well-lit ceiling bathed in luminous colours. Further, Randeep’s room had to look exceptionally grand infusing the glam quotient emphasising on lighting and reverberating his penchant for animals. In addition, their own bedroom had to be bright and lively with hues of yellow while guest room needed to be given a classic touch. Overall, they wanted to have maximum storage space. Lastly, they desired the kitchen to be inviting and the most active space wherein the family dine together on marble-top.

Designing this Dream Home

The intent was to create a comfortable and practical space where the entire family would have their quality time together, be with themselves, so the furniture was smart and comfortable – the styling of accessories and furnishings should reflect the larger-than-life persona of its owner. Golden touches were gently incorporated with a bit of bling to aid in dramatizing the space. The pops of colour further infused a vibrant atmosphere. The traditional colours and setup gave way to classy and muted pastels with wallpapers and curtains to match. The intent was to plan different permutations and combinations of colours, keeping in mind Randeep’s likes and choices. It would astound you to know that even the placement of each piece of furniture ensured a lot space around.

Striking a Balance in Modern and Ethnic Styling

It was vital to harmonise minimalism, feel, shade, model and personality to infuse the desired ethnic style with the ultimate goal of practicality meeting simplicity. The team ensured it all right from ideation and planning different permutation and combination of colours, keeping in mind Randeep’s likes and choices, for that matter even the placement of every piece of furniture. The traditional colours and setup were substituted with classy and muted pastels with wallpapers and curtains to match. The conventional living room was transformed into a lounge like setting with light and airy masterpieces from Godrej Interio.

Creative Additions

Randeep’s parent’s room had detailed designing with a glamour quotient emphasizing on the lighting, personifying his individuality of being an animal lover. Therefore, personalised touch of a majestic horse portrait above the flute bed set that blended in with muted room colours.  They living room was made colourful, energetic and floral with floor lamp as a pre-requisite. In addition, ceiling lights had to be integrated to enhance the look. Therefore, the conventional living room was transformed into a lounge like setting with the light and airy masterpieces from Godrej Interio viz. the cozy Ritz sofa set teamed up with the Easel center and Latté corner tables.

Furthermore, the kitchen needed to be transformed and hence dining area was provided a decorative fillip with Dinnete Marble dining table that led into an inviting modular kitchen by Godrej Interio, which in the words of Mrs Hooda looked “very tempting to cook.” There was a request from Randeep’s parents that the room had to be be bright and lively with hues of yellow. Viva Bedset was added with the Duke Arm chair to take care of Randeep’s parent’s needs for comfort, space and storage thereby giving their room very contemporary look.  Lastly, they desired the guest room to be classy. Hence, the guest bedroom was the X-factor with elegant Zen Bedset, side tables, wardrobe and dresser thereby transforming it completely.

Experience of Working

Through ‘Upload and Transform’ campaign, they have successfully transformed spaces and many lives. Upload and Transform of Randeep’s house was an exciting, memorable and gratifying experience for us. Randeep was elated with the transformation, he said, “This was certainly a delightful homecoming surprise planned by his beloved parents and the makeover absolutely pleased and astonished him.

They were astounded that their home can be so beautifully transformed without bearing any resemblance to its former self. This amazing transformation provided reasons to keep returning to Faridabad and spend more time with his family wherein further memories could be created. With this home, he feels that it will bring all of us together more often, including my sister, beyond merely festivals and special occasions. The design of homes should weave a story through chosen colours and styles. Our homes are our havens and hence it should reflect the people who live in them.

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